Zip Notes Version of Obamessiah’s ACA Speech

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Zip Notes Version of Pres. Obamessiah’s Remarks on ACA

Dear Dumbasses:

Unfortunately too many of you are too stupid to realize that allowing me and my party complete control over you and your doctor is what is good for us. So, in order to avoid those bastards in Congress who understand what my scam really is, I have decided to “fix” this mess for one year. This will allow many of you to forget all these price increases and losing your doctor until we get past the 2014 elections. More of my lapdogs will survive that way.

After we Dems survive, all of Obamacare will resume as it is now. Fifty year old gay men will have to pay for pre-natal care and Catholics will be buying abortion pills… because that makes sense. To ME. Then it will be 2 years until you can vote again and by then you can take it out on Hilary ‘cuz I will be done and making up my memoirs.

Now go out and report that the ONLY reason none of this is working as I said it would (keep your plan, keep your doctor- hehehehe) is because of EVIL insurance companies who are doing what I made them do.

Oh, and the fact that we have a Congress to make the laws should be ignored. I will do what I want because I’m kewl and Valerie Jarret says I am the smartest man ever.

So, in summary: Screw the Constitution. Screw Fox. Screw American businesses that are evil because they did my bidding. Screw all of you who have proof I’ve lied all along. And shut up and PAY YOUR TAXES. That idiot John Roberts says taxes are OK so bend over. The Obamacolostomy continues.

Peace out.


Updated: November 14, 2013 — 1:11 pm