Manage Multiple Accounts From Chrome


Many of us have more than one social profile whether it be on Facebook, Google or Twitter. One of the more difficult things is logging into say Facebook or Twitter at the same time from 2 different accounts in the same browser. You can’t. The old trick has been to run more than one browser. You would login to one Facebook account from Google Chrome and one Facebook account from Firefox. That is a pain. We have found an easier way to accomplish this in Google Chrome using Icognito with a twist.

The Icognito Window in Google (Ctrl+Shift+N) allows one to use Google Chrome in a new instance allowing them to login to a second account like Facebook or Twitter. The big drawback to Icognito is that it opens your new session in a whole different Chrome window and there is no way to pull the window back into your current tabs. Of course you can run multiple tabs in the Incognito mode but this defeats the purpose of 1 browser and 1 window.

Today we found an extension called MultiLogin in the Chrome store that will allow you to open that Incognito window in your current Chrome window and open those second accounts.

MuliLogin (Log into multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously) – Download Here

Click the extension icon -> a new tab will open-> sign into another account.

Right Click on a link -> open link in new identity

Right Click on the page -> duplicate page in new identity

Give it a try if you manage multiple social accounts and need to login to them at the same time and don’t want to use 2 browsers.

Updated: January 19, 2014 — 6:39 pm