Get A Free Terabyte (TB) Cloud Drive


We all have tons of files, mp3’s and porn movies on our computer(s). Google only offers 15GB of cloud space with Drive and Dropbox isn’t much better. Now with a special promo you can get a FREE Terabyte (TB) Cloud Drive to store pretty much everything you would ever need on. The promo is pretty simple and outlined below. The best part is the drag and drop desktop client that gives you immediate access to anything you have on the Cloud.

How To Get A Free Terabyte (TB) Cloud Drive

1. Signup for an account at (the page is in English)

2. Open this link at the page is in Russian,you can translate the page into English with Google Chrome or Firefox readers may read this

3. Click on Get Button. (big black button located at bottom center of page as seen in the first picture of this post ).

4. Download their cloud app either on windows/linux/mobile device to get upgraded to 1024 GB for free.

Download Links:

Android Cient:
Windows Client:

A couple of notes to pass along. We receive no compensation for posting this offer. DJSlim has personally completed the promo, got his Cloud Drive and figured there may be others interested. We are aware the promo is with and many don’t like It is your choice to get a FREE Cloud Drive. We aren’t forcing. Last thing to mention is that the online Cloud Manager page will be in Russian (use google translator) but it doesn’t matter much if you are only really interested in the drag and drop desktop client.

Updated: January 17, 2014 — 12:08 pm