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Olympic Drinking Games

People have drinking games for everything these days and we found some Olympic drinking games that may just help you get through the next 3 weeks. Be sure to try these during the games!

NBC Shots
Take a following drink every time the following moment happens on NBC:
1) Take one drink every time a NBC announcer invites you to “share a moment with the world.”
2) Take one drink every time you hear a hockey announcer shout, “He shoots…he scores!” Take two drinks if you’re watching women’s hockey and you hear, “She shoots…she scores!”
3) Take one drink every time NBC promises to get “up close and personal” with an athlete.”

Olympic Athlete Drinks
Take a drink following any of these moments between athletes:
1) Any time Shaun White shakes out his flowing red locks, take a drink.
2) Any time you see an Olympic athlete cry, take a drink.
3) Any time an athlete takes a bad spill (crashes), take a drink.
4) Every time the above mentioned crash is replayed, take a drink.
5) Any time a crash causes an athlete to bleed from any part of their body, take a drink.

The Opening Ceremonies Drinking Game
The opening ceremony is a crucial part to the games, and of course to drinkers.
1) Take a drink every time a new country is introduced; drink twice if you can trace family origins back to that country.
2) Take a drink every time the announcer says “this symbolizes this” or any derivative thereof
3) Take a drink every time the announcer uses obnoxious adjectives like “magnificent,” “amazing,” “incredible” to describe things that are clearly ordinary or not that great (people tend to get carried away with the Olympic spirit).
4) Take a drink for every inspirational story that is presented
5) Take a drink every time the Olympic Torch is shown on camera; take a shot of your choice when they light the Olympic Cauldron.

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