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The 2014 Oscar Swag Bag


On Sunday March 2 the Oscars will air with host Ellen DeGeneres. Honestly we don’t care but we do care about what all these guys and gals get for being a nominee. Check out some of the contents of the $80,000 Oscar Swag Bag!

  • Vaginal rejuvenation procedure ($2,700)
  • Hair restoration surgery performed by a robot ($16,000)
  • Pet supplies including a year of electrolyte therapy ($7,700)
  • His and hers mace guns ($120)
  • A trip to Vegas to meet Boyz II Men ($9,000)
  • DrainWig to stop pesky hair from clogging your drain ($6.49)
  • Herbal tea lollipops ($35)
  • Organic maple syrup ($280)
  • Six-pack of condoms ($20)
  • A walking tour of Japan ($15,000)
  • Laser hair removal ($5,000)
  • Home spa system ($2,560)
  • Weight-loss gummies, protein bars and shakes ($39)
  • Swiss-made watch ($290)
  • Lifetime membership to a meditation gym ($500)
  • Five-night stay at the Koloa Landing Resort in Hawaii ($2,000)
  • Home water filtration system ($4,900)
  • Train trip in the Canadian Rockies ($6,850)

What is your favorite item in the Swag Bag! Leave a comment!

Source : Rickey.org

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