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Blurred Lines Parody

Blurred Lines PARODY Obama Been Watchin’ ~ Rucka Rucka Ali

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Looks like it is all FINALLY explained… Please view. Maybe the ONLY time this stupidity makes you smile. #Zip

Screenshot_4 SNL has HHS Sec Sebelius FINALLY explain!  <<<<CLICK HERE!!

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See the Video of DJ Slim on the TV News! This is why Mrs O got mad at him for making kids fatter. Only the Govt Shut Down saved our beloved DJ Slim as the WH monster squirrels attacked Her garden and he 50 farm hands were on lay-off. So she had to go after them herself, thus saving our guy! #Savesquirrelsinstead #Zip


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Petulance IS NOT Leadership

Yeah... Like Obamessiah would ever ask for advice from anyone...

Yeah… Like Obamessiah would ever ask for advice from anyone…

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LIVE SHOW TONIGHT! The Debut of prime time Off the Hook. Be there and SMILE! Please SHARE with your friends.

OTHR Profile main


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HEY Moms!! Check these kid’s Halloween Get-ups!! And if #3 was Really L.J. it would be number 1, Right?

Some seriously good imagination here. enhanced-buzz-7704-1381092769-2 32 PARENTS WHO NAILED IT PICS <

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Edward and Bella: A Bad Lip Reading

Mouses have wee-wees! Excellent Clip. Enjoy!! Screenshot_1 Twilight: Bad Lip Reading CLICK IT!

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Oh no they didnt!


Journalism school should give the degree back to this editor!

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Put In Your Song Requests (STICKY)

Off The Hook Radio plays a song each day during their break at the bottom of the hour and now we are turning once again to our listeners for requests. Simply leave a comment on this post with some songs you would like us to consider adding into the break rotation over the coming weeks and we will start adding them in as soon as Slim takes the controls over again on Monday 5/14/12.

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Off The Radio Issue 5/4/12

Off The Hook Radio apologizes that a show didn’t air this afternoon. Just as Zip started the show his electricity went out from a thunderstorm and Slim wasn’t even home from the hospital to rescue him . Off the Hook will be back LIVE on Monday and Slim might even make appearance.

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